Quiz: Which former/current Top Gear host are you?

32w ago

For the best part of three decades now, one of the BBC's leading TV programmes has continued to keep us entertained, whilst further nurturing our passion and enthusiasm for cars from every corner of the world. Recent reshuffling has greatly expanded their former host list, but which one are you?

If you could live your youth years in a particular era, which would it be?

  • Now!
  • The 2000s
  • The 90s
  • The 80s
  • The 70s
  • Sometime in the 1800s

How would you like to spend a typical Saturday?

  • Driving, or reading, or thinking about cars
  • Exploring the great outdoors
  • Drinking and being merry with loved ones and friends
  • Doing some form of exercise, and pushing your body and mind to the limits
  • At home, relaxing with a hot drink and a good TV show
  • I have no preference, whatever Saturday brings, I'm ready for it!

Which of the following best describes your dinner preferences whilst abroad?

  • A dish with lots and lots of meat and absolutely NO greens
  • I'm a vegan/vegetarian .. gosh, don't be so presumptuous
  • Anything on the menu that seems familiar to me
  • Anything that's local to where I am, I want to try and immerse myself in cultures
  • A platter full of colourful variety
  • I will annihilate all that is before me

Are you willing to take risks in any avenue of life?

  • Absolutely, with anything and everything
  • .. yes .. no .. MAYBE ..
  • Absolutely not, I don't like to step out of my comfort zone

Which of these cars would be your ideal weekend motor?

  • Alfa Romeo 4C
  • BMW M5
  • Ferrari 488
  • Range Rover Sport SVR
  • Ford Mustang V8 GT500
  • Porsche 911 Turbo

If you could live permanently in one of the following settings, which would it be?

  • A big house next to a race track (that I have unlimited access to)
  • A flat in a bustling city centre
  • A comfortably large house besides a small village in the countryside
  • A cottage in the middle of a field with just a single road leading out into a big city
  • A castle .. because, why not?
  • I'm happy where I am - I don't fancy anything too spectacular

Which of the following would you consider to be your best personality trait?

  • I'm funny (AF)
  • I'm clever
  • I'm caring
  • I'm good at solving problems
  • I'm hardworking
  • I'm ambitious

Which segment of the Top Gear show was your favourite?

  • The star in a reasonably priced car (LOL yeah right, nobody's actually picking this .. or are they?)
  • The supercar tests and power laps
  • The adventures they go on in different countries
  • The cheap car challenges

The producers give you £3000 to buy a car for a challenge, but you don't know what it is .. which do you opt for?

  • Something that's rugged and dependable
  • Something that's small and light
  • Something that's powerful - that's all that matters
  • Something that's big, spacious and comfortable
  • Something that'll go off-road .. just in case
  • Something that nobody expects

And finally .. which of these other hosts was your favourite?

  • Rory Reid
  • Chris Evans (really .. are you really going to pick him .. like .. really?)
  • Matt Le Blanc

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