QUIZ: Who Designed Me? (Old Supercar Edition)

40w ago

Time to increase your knowledge on designers.

I am a handsome hunk who met with a bad fate, but whom should I thank for my charm?

  • Marcello Gandini
  • Giorgetto Giugiaro
  • Harley Earl

My cool design screams 'I am not just another 911' ! Who made me a cute cutter?

  • Helmuth Bott
  • Giovanni Bertone
  • Wolfgang Egger

Who made me look like one of the most sweeping automobiles ever?

  • Gordon Murray/Peter Stevens
  • Ian Callum
  • Marcello Gandini

The reason I am a Bond Mobile is because___ designed me.

  • Giorgetto Giugiaro
  • Peter Stevens
  • Marcello Gandini

I am magnificent ,I am powerful, I am fast and I am the supercar initiator, who designed me?

  • Marcello Gandini
  • Tom Tjaarda
  • Leonardo Fioravanti

People forgot me : \ but who gave me my 'sleek physique'? (Nissan R390)

  • Chris Bangle and Ian Callum
  • Frank stephenson and Tony Southgate
  • Ian Callum and Tony Southgate

I am so fast that I am never last.

  • Enzo Ferrari
  • Leo Fioravanti
  • Frank Stephenson

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