QUIZ: Who designed me? (Pick-Up Truck edition)

3w ago


Time to increase your knowledge on designers.

I look like two boxes placed together but I am beautiful in my own way, I am 1965 Jeep FC 150, I was designed by?

  • Brook Stevens
  • Tyler Moffett
  • Chris Bangle

I look devilishly handsome! Who groomed me?

  • Franz Von Holzhausen
  • Ian Callum
  • Tyler Moffett

I am the Marlboro GMC Syclone, moreover the father of muscle trucks! Who made me so cooooool lookin' and head bangin'?

  • Larry Shinoda
  • Ian Callum
  • Bunkie Knudsen

Trust me I wasn't drawn by a little kid, a grown up designed me!

  • Franz Von Holzhausen
  • Henrik Fisker
  • Darby Barber

I am Studebaker Coupe express, who made me look like the queen of trucks?

  • Brook Stevens
  • Raymond Loewy
  • Bill Mitchell

I am the most beautiful truck ever, but people still forgot me :/ But who made me so gorgeous?

  • Roy Brown Junior
  • Harley Earl
  • Giorgetto Giugiaro

People call me Lil' Red Express but I am a big beautiful truck. Who gave me my cool looks?

  • I Don't Know
  • I'll tell you in the comments because you don't know
  • Welp, anonymous...

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