R Gruppe

      Modified to your personal tastes. No rules, other than to enjoy the cars

      4y ago


      Back in 2003 while browsing the Porsche forum Pelican I was reading about outlaw 911's and came upon this term R Gruppe and wondered what it was.

      After a brief search I found out it was a group of guys in SoCal who liked to modify old 911's and hang out but what really got me interested was an explanation from a user on Pelican named Dantilla on what he thought it portrayed and it has stayed with me to this day and it's what I think is the essence of this Tribe that we call R Gruppe.

      So what is R Gruppe ? Put simply it is a car "Modified to your personal tastes. No rules, other than to enjoy the cars. No extra points for originality.

      The cars should have an attitude- not the people."

      So with that brief explanation I'd like to invite everyone who stumbles into this small corner of Drive Tribe to feel free to post whatever gets u going, we're looking for the modified, the outlaw, the square peg in the round hole build that just looks so damn good you don't really care they cut up an old classic to get there. We don't care what country it's from, or what brand it is if it's cool and you think it is post it! At the end of the day if it rings your bell it will probably ring ours too.....

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