R YOU EXPERIENCED? Recast Moto’s Classic BMW R100 Cafe Racer

4w ago


At Pipeburn we’ve seen more stripped-back airheads than a college quarterback. So it takes something special for our jaws to truly hit the floor. And this, a 1976 BMW R100 by Belarusian shop Recast Moto, is pretty damn special. Recast are huge fans of the R series. “They’re classic airheads that have passed the test of time,” head of the shop, Matiz Lemark says. “The simple and reliable design of the boxer engine makes it a good donor that will run for many years”.

But he’s also quick to acknowledge the problem in building a kickass boxer. “There’s so many unique BMW’s which makes it hard to compete design wise or in individuality,” he adds. “The task is not to repeat anything and get something new and classic”.


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  • That R100 cafe is a great looking bike! Not hacked too much, and just a few small details to set it far apart from others I've seen! Nice Job!

    1 month ago


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