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We spotted this awesome Subaru Impreza STI Spec C RA-R at a dealers in Japan. Anyone who knows a thing or two about Imprezas will no doubt appreciate just how special this model is. 1 of only 300 ever produced its often referred to as the Holy Grail of Imprezas by enthusiasts and purists alike. Values have been steadily rising over the past 2 years for this sought after model and we anticipate this trend to continue for the foreseeable future.

This super low mileage example (8504kms) with reportedly no accident history does however appear modified. Although this may well have turned an already rapid model into something supersonic we feel the RA-R is an absolute belter out the box and is best kept that way. We’re such avid fans of the RA-R we’d even go as far to say its our favourite Impreza to date. Yes, that’s right… even better than the 22B!

At just over 4 mill JPY it could be deemed very well priced considering its ultra low mileage, limited numbers and significance as one of the finest Imprezas ever built. However, as always the crucial factor will be in the inspection! torque-gt.co.uk

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