Race against AI on Assetto Corsa

46w ago


Since I wanted to test out my Fanatec McLaren GT3 Steering WheeI I chose to do a lap on Laguna Seca against AI on maximum strength with the McLaren 650S GT3. It was pretty cool to physically have the same steering wheel as the one in game. Especially in VR which made it even more immersive, because you can actually see the wheel is quite similar to the Fanatec one. The only big difference is that the centered multi position switch is replaced by the OLED Display on the Fanatec McLaren GT3 Steering Wheel.

I set AI to a maximum strength, because I was pretty convinced I had a good setup for this car/track combination. Most people agree with me if i say Laguna Seca is quite popular amongst us simracers. The reason I chose for this track is because I had the feeling I didn't master it like I should, and therefore needed more practice. At the end, it was definitely a good practice for my online races.

Hope you enjoy!



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