Liam Gillett has had a life-long love affair with motorsport and now runs a motorsport charity for people who are visually impaired.

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Liam, 24, from Tamworth, UK, has been blind since birth but he has had a passion for fast cars and motorsport for as long as he can remember. Alongside a close friend, Liam now runs a charitable organisation that helps people who are visually impaired drive fast cars on race tracks across the UK.

Liam said “I started Race Car for the Blind with my close friend Tom Woodhall, after realising that there was no reason that I could not drive cars because of being visually impaired.

“We decided to set up the project so that I, as a blind person, could have the opportunity to prove to the world that a blind driver can race just as well as a sighted driver.”

Both Liam and Tom sourced a car and fitted it with a set of dual control pedals. Tom then designed a navigation system called Direct Observation Guidance System (DOGS) which involves giving Liam quick fire commands to follow. The instructions relate to the position of the steering wheel when cornering.

Liam and Tom practice their skills at Donington park circuit and in an air field owned by Drive Me Events. They said “We are amazed with the support we have received and have high hopes and ambitions for future projects.

“The eventual aim is to start a motorsport championship for visually impaired drivers. We are in the process of setting up a school to coach other blind drivers to do what we are doing now. In the future, Race Car for the Blind hopes to prove to the MSA that blind drivers can participate in motorsport safely.”

Race Car for the Blind has enabled Liam to experience driving cars at a high speed and a good standard. “Racing gives me the freedom that I never thought I could get.” Said Liam.

Tom added “To make the project viable, it is vital for us both to have trust in each other. I have trust in Liam’s driving and he trusts my navigational skills.”

To discover more about Race Car for the Blind visit their website www.rcfb.org.uk or their Facebook page – Race car for the blind.

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