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Race2Recovery are a team of volunteers who provide competitive off road racing opportunities for Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) British Servicemen.

By competing at the highest and most arduous level of motorsport they have provided the opportunity for the WIS community push themselves and challenge perceptions and boundaries of their injuries.

Along this cathartic journey they have sought to inspire others with other similar life changing injuries.

In sharing their experiences, they have built a wealth of support across the globe spreading understanding, empathy and admiration for all those affected by serious injuries and disabilities.

In 2013 the team were the first ever amputee competitors to compete in the world’s toughest race, the Paris Dakar – but this was just the start.

Since then the team has gone from strength to strength, achieving further noteworthy successes and continuing to spread their message.

R2R Achievements to date – a catalogue of Firsts

• 2011: Race2Recovery founded
• 2012: First amputee team to complete the Tuareg rally in Morocco
• 2013: First amputee team to complete the Paris Dakar in a car
• 2014: First amputee team to complete the Paris Dakar in a truck
• 2014: First disabled driver & co-driver to complete a British national off road rally
• 2014: Second place in the British National Land Rover Challenge (BCCC)
• 2015: First British disabled pairing to win a National championship rally

Race2Recovery are also currently looking to diversify into adventuring activities, using the backbone of mobility through motor vehicles.

These activities will prove just as tough and rewarding as racing but have a slightly different emphasis and will allow different levels of participation by more team members, specifically those with injuries where motorsport can be disproportionately challenging or expensive.

Through the medium of motorsport and expeditions, military and civilians alike work in a close, purposeful and competitive team environment.

This environment has been proven to help those, who at times, have felt to be alone on the periphery of society and provides a network of friends to share and resolve issues relating to their injuries, be they physical or mental.

For more information contact:

Grant White ▪ Head of Operations (Vol) ▪ Race2Recovery
Email: grant@race2recovery.com

Article, photos and images supplied by Race2Recovery

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