Racing games I have (that isn't Mario Kart Wii) on the Wii.

I have no other game consoles, only a black Wii and a DS lite, which is sad. Eh, I could care less anyway.

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The best known racer on the Wii platform would be of course, Mario Kart Wii. (that or Excitetruck... I dunno...) Mario Kart Wii, despite its fair share of unbalanced items, Daisy, Funky Kong, and Bikes being faster than cars, was a massive success, even though massive is kind of an understatement.

But what about other racing games that people do know/don't know? You know, the games that aren't kart racers that feature Nintendo characters(or SEGA characters if you're into Sonic And SEGA ALL-STARS Racing) and are fully fledged simulators/simcade racers? This would lead onto some of the games I have on the Wii that are none of these.

Game 1: NASCAR The Game: Inside Line

To be honest, I never really played this game that much. I only played it when I was younger and a huge NASCAR fan who knew nothing about the sport. But lets just move on. It's a pretty good game and one of the most realistic racing games on the Wii.

The controls and graphics

The Wii being the Wii... The graphics are good for the most part, but for the gameplay, it seems to be somewhat choppy at times, especially during the pitstop animations, which have as much lag as a Filipino internet café. Well what do you expect, the Wii isn't powerful, so I'll excuse this one. As for the controls, they are pretty good as well. I don't really have anything to say about it to be honest.

GAME 2: Dirt 2

Now this is a game I fully enjoy. It is so much fun to play and that some of the tracks, including the raid tracks they offer are really fun to drive on as well. But I suppose they could have done more with it, as the amount of tracks and modes are kinda sparse.

The controls and graphics

The graphics look good and the game mechanics are pretty good too. With the Wii wheel, you can pull off some awesome powerslides (if you have all driver assists off and know what you are doing) and really tense up the experience of playing the game. Everything by far is very much super smooth for this game.

GAME 3: Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli

First off, I love this game, not because of the vast selection of Ferraris from the 512S to the 333SP, but how immersive, challenging, and fun this game can be. Secondly, this would go right up with NASCAR The Game: Inside Line in terms of realism. Not bad for a PS2 port.

The controls and graphics

The graphics are good and the game design is stellar too, for both the tracks and cars. The controls give me a mixed reaction. The steering mechanics are fine. But the thing that peeves me the most would be that you literally have to flick the Wii wheel up or down to shift up or down. (which is why I always use automatic gears) It could have used the up and down buttons on the d-pad for changing gear, but the up and down on the d-pad are for the driver raising his fist in celebration, which is stupid. Secondly, I can't apply the correct amount of throttle or brakes, because what do you expect? the acceleration and brake controls are the 1 and 2 buttons. No surprise there. In fact, it would apply to all of the games I mentioned so far. Eh... this is becoming pointless... this and the fact that the Wii wheel has no force feedback, because again, its a piece of plastic you hold up in front of you.

GAME 4: F1 2009

The Codies game that started it all... which was generally looked down upon. But hey, could be worse. At least its not Grand Prix Rock n' Racing, that's for sure. (I genuinely like this game and have sunk hours into this. Don't judge me.)

The controls and graphics

For the graphics.... let's just skip it and move on to the controls. The steering is a bit floaty and that it is unplayable if you have zero assists for braking and acceleration. Said assists are essential if you don't want to experience awkward lockups and constant wheelspin due to there being no sense of gradual brake/throttle input. (Forgot to mention that no sense of gradual brake or throttle inputs are present in any Wii racing game... if it isn't obvious) But for the most part, the gameplay is solid and that it can be really fun if you always start in last place with a monster setup on your car for a 15 lap race.

There you have it...

Those are all 4 of the simulator/simcade games I have on my Wii that bring a lot of fun and enjoyment. Man... to be stuck with a Wii and a DS lite is just shameful nowadays...

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Comments (20)

  • I have NFS Carbon, Cars the Videogame, Jeep Thrills, a game called Monster Truck Mayhem, and my personal favorite, Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine

      1 month ago
  • I had NFS hot pursuit for the wii😂😂 it was terrible

      1 month ago
    • Ikr. I made the mistake of buying it. Prostreet and Carbon are the best nfs titles for the Wii imo

        1 month ago
  • For me, the best Wii racing game is Need for Speed Nitro

      1 month ago
  • You should pick up a copy of NFS Prostreet. It's one of the most heavily underrated NFS games, and honestly the best racing game for the Wii. While the Wii isn't the best console it was released on (PC is supreme), it's quite a bit of fun. It was the first proper car game that I played (other than stupid browser games). I still have it, and will occasionally fire up the Wii to try and beat it again

      1 month ago
    • What about Undercover and The Run? I have those.

        1 month ago
    • I've never actually played Undercover (I need to tho). I wasn't super keen on The Run, I felt that the story was too short, and unbelievable. I've also heard that it's almost an entirely different game on the Wii compared with the PS3. But...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • Crash Team Racing is a fun alternative to Mario Cart too

      1 month ago