Racing Games Remakes, Which And Why?

We constantly see remakes of previous generation games that had it big but not many of them are racing games, so which racing games should be remade?

Please note.

Please note that some of these games have been remade but only for Xbox 360 and PS2 but in this article we will look at ones that should be remade for the latest gen consoles and PC's.

Grand Turismo 3

This game most likely got you into liking cars if your from my generation, this game is still one of the best selling racing games of all time and most likely will be again if it would be remade for the 4th gen or even 5th gen console and PC.

By remake I mean only improve it gameplay wise and graphic wise and add multiplayer but still keep the classic and original cars and the classic music from the original game bringing back the game that most of us grew up with playing.

This might even help Playstation out by bringing back old classics like Xbox has done with many of its games and can bring back some old and maybe even new customers.

Formula One 2006.

Another game from the second gen console that might only appeal to the older generation, Formula One 2006 is basically the game that started the Formula One games we see today and is still a very good game for its time, it was so good that it got a remake for the 3rd gen console but only with a new name, Formula 1 Championship Edition.

But in my opinion, and some people may argue against me, this game deserves a remake for the 4th or 5th gen console, with maybe many of the new features we see today in F1 games like the "My Team Career" or even with a story mode like we see in the new "Braking point" but just set in the late 2000's.

For me personally this can be a great opportunity for Codemasters and a awesome game for Formula One fans Old or New alike.

Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005

There is not even a shadow of a doubt that this is the best game from the Need for Speed franchise and even got most of us into loving cars like we do today, this game has been previously remasterd before but never again since and if EA wants to redeem them selves they should remaster it and bring back everyone's favorite BMW M3 or maybe even make a sequel to it and unlike their first attempt to revive Most Wanted that ended up in disaster should make it once again all about the BMW M3, Rockport and even Cross, Need for Speed MW2, doesn't sound bad at all.

Thus we all know EA's reputation and the likely hood that something like this happening is almost zero but still one can continue to fantasize about it all and even still hope for it even if it all seems hopeless and kind off far fetched.

Initial D special stage

Do you want to be a tofu delivery guy, do you want to be a anime character, do you want to drive a AE86 and drift with your friends against your rivals in the mountains of Japan and have a anime girlfriend, well I'm sorry to tell you but that is impossible but you can get close to it by spamming Sega with e-mails to return this art piece to our consoles and maybe even the whole series and you will get a close enough experience.

Returning this game in this day and age makes allot of sense as anime has been becoming all the more popular and having a game about a car guys favorite anime makes more sense than naming an orange an orange and can bring in allot of profit and customers, if this game would be remade for the 4th or 5th generation console I would definitely buy it and wouldn't be even able to leave my room or TV screen.

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