Racing Rarity - The unique 340Hp KIA cee´d Turbo TCR Monster

Luís Delgado with Front Wheel Drive, widebodied, heavily turbocharged KIA cee´d Touring Car at Rampa de Boticas 2021

Truly a one-of-a-kind in HillClimb Racing, this is the first and only time we were able to capture a KIA race car, with Luís Delgado at the wheel of this cee´d TCR at Rampa de Boticas, counting for the European HillClimb Championship, where it was able to place amongst the 10 Fastest closed cars of the event, despite suffering from some mechanical problems on the last run of the day.

Powered by a transversally installed turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder in line engine capable of around 340Hp/440Nm, this Front Wheel Drive machine is built to fit the current TCR series, weighing a minimum of 1230Kg, fitted with a 6-speed Sequential Gearbox and some pretty serious bodywork changes, sporting now a quite widened stance and a bespoke Aerodynamic package.

To check the other machines this KIA cee´d shared the Top 10 with at Boticas, check our other video from the event with an overview of the Fastest Monsters of the day:

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