Racing time

3y ago


During my time in university, i get opportunity to get involve in development of racing go cart. I took this opportunity to learn more about automotive specifically engineering part.

This racing format is about the same as formula SAE, aiming for students for Malaysia local university.

From this I learn that, develop a racing car is much harder compare to modifying a normal car. We need to follow a rules or guidelines, making decision based on constrain and with limited amount of money.

We already finish the building the car. With little testing, there were no major problem that we need to fix it.

During the race, suddenly many problem came. From heating issues to mechanical problem. Tension rising up to able for qualifying round

Eventually, we able to race from the starting line, despite the problem we had earlier.

At first we are quiet happy because our car running from one lap to another, but suddenly, our car is missing from our sight.

We were having mechanical issue and that is our ending for this race

Although, we does not achieve what we hoping but at the end we all having fun. At this event, we learn many things that might be useful in the future

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