??? before GP : In Argentina, Toyota and Hyundai striked back and pushed Ogier out of podium taking 1 - 2 in the lead of Ott Tanak with something you can call perfect pace and race with winning 10 from 18 special stages and taken the victory with almost 38 seconds ahead of second Neuville. Last year Ford took 1-3 and put others as a spectators. According to Tanak he would like to take double top from two consecutives. He knows he needs good points as he is already 28 points behind first Ogier. In terms of marks, it looks way tighter as Toyota is third but only 5 points behind Ford, which can put even more oil to the fire for fight between top three drivers and between Ford and Toyota. Looking good for Portugese rally, cards are on the table, what left is only to watch. Remember SSS1 is taking place already Thursday 7pm CEST. Where to watch --> WRC plus coverage which is paid and summaries and results with TV coverage.


??? before GP : Only two weeks after BrandsHatch and Fuji we have yet another two package of GT racing. Super GT is in Suzuka and Blancpain is taking place in legendary Silverstone for 2nd round of their Endurance Cup. Audi as usual is very strong, Mercedes taking their place, but Lambo is watching from behind. To be honest I am expecting a lot more from Bentley, who won endu cup two years ago and last year was also strong contender....plus Bentely and McL would be at home soil, same as two weeks before, but without any good result. But after only one endurance race it is way too early to judge the performance. Specially when we have 3 hours non-stop action, when anything can happen from crash to mechanical failures. So lets see with our own eyes and pleasure, because with any result there, GT racing is one of the most entertaining out there ( in WEC it was the best with LMP2 recently ). Where to watch --> there should be some TV coverage, and as usual great coverage on Youtube HD stream.


??? before GP : Second GT racing this weekend, from also legendary Suzuka, Japan. This year for the first time in spring time, instead of usual mid-summer. And most importantly the race distance is shorter, as Suzuka was almost always 1000km race. This season the change is to 300km. Fuji was taken by GT-R and there is question whether Honda can strikes back after their win in season opener. Suzuka is Honda`s home track, but after their first win, they have received huge BoP with additional weight, and team says, they can feel it. Another contentder is the LC500 squad, as they won Suzuka fight for 4 years. In GT300 class, literally anybody can win, as this track is washing of the difference between cars in terms of classic GT300 and GT3 cars brought mostly from Europe. Last two winners AMG and Subaru BRZ are here as a proof. So the question is strategy for this class and also whether Suzuka will be taken by GT3 or classic GT300. Where to watch --> TV coverage and Youtube stream.


??? before GP : DTM is coming back to Lausitzring for the first time since 2004 and for the first time, after first race the leader is Timo Glock on BMW. He has one point lead in-front of Paffett on Mercedes machine. After last weeks race in Hockenheim there is so much to wait for. Specially race held on Sunday was something out of this world, ultimate marketing for motorsport and DTM itself. Great fights and especially battle between Paffett and Glock was something to watch standing from adrenalin. Glock was happy regarding cars with less aero and smaller wings so they can run very close. For Gary Paffett this was : "the best race I ever contented". And it is only the first race of the season. Lausitzring is nice track, with slow and fast sections and long straight with opportunity to overtake on braking. Where to watch --> TV Coverage and stream on their webpage which is covering each and every session of the weekend.


??? before GP : Touring Cars finished in Nordschleife and just a few days after arrived in Zandvoort for another action, this time unusually with second and third race during Monday. It is home race for Tom Coronel, every fan is waiting for some nice results as a local hero. He is doing huge promoting and marketing for this series, he loves touring cars, and certainly did not forget how to race, just waiting for good race to thrill the audience. Rob Huff is ploting a revenge for Nordschleife race when he was hitted hard several times. Usual suspects for lots of points in names of Muller, Bjork, and Tarquini who fail to score any point in the Germany. Where to watch --> TV Coverage and stream


??? before GP : Welcome to Zarcoland. Johann is coming home for victory. Where else to take the first glory than at home GP. He is quick, he is confident, he is second in the championship, he has new contract for next two years with factory KTM, the win is just the question of when. Of course everybody is hunting Marquez who won the crazy Jerez GP and with two wins is in first place in champs. Yamaha boys are there too. What about quick brit Crutchlow ? And can Lorenzo find his pace ? There are rumours that on Italian GP his faith will be decided, and some say the future will not be with Ducati. Anyway these are talks behind the courtain, but during weekend we know who is where and Honda, Yamaha and Ducati has fourth contender as Suzuki is quicker and quicker from race to race. Where to watch --> TV Coverage and paid stream.