Racing with Jenson Button: Taking on the RJN 3h

Wish us luck, we're going to need lots of it...

35w ago

At the start of lockdown sim-racing was just something I did to pass the time. Whether it was our iRacing Le Mans 24h podium or just smashing up cars in Wreckfest, getting behind the virtual wheel was something that kept me busy.

If you'd told me in March I would be racing against 2009 F1 champion Jenson Button, I probably would have told you to politely do one.

However, tonight that is exactly what is taking place.

Thanks to the incredible team over at Simsport, myself and fellow sim-racing noob/DriveTribe employee Haff take on the Jenson Team Rocket RJN 3h race at Silverstone.

In the driver line-up you have everything from relative newbies (namely our car), well-followed streamers like Jardier, and full-time racing drivers like Aston Martin factory ace Ross Gunn.

*Deep gulp*

A multiclass grid will, as always, provide some pretty spectacular action, hopefully we won't be on the receiving end of some GT3 sendage as we do our best to wheel the GT4 Porsche Cayman around the British Grand Prix venue.

You can watch my perspective of the race, or check out the official Simsport stream.


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