RADwood is launching their own auction site

Get ready to bring a totally tubular trailer

38w ago

2020 has been a crazy year for online auto auction websites. Doug DeMuro launched his own Cars & Bids site to compete with Bring a Trailer. Bring a Trailer was a acquired by Hearst Media, the same company that owns Road & Track. RM Sotheby's decided to convert all of their auctions into an online only format due to the pandemic, but still had incredible success. Even eBay revamped their once beloved eBay Motors app after discontinuing support for it a couple years ago.

The guys behind RADwood have decided to throw their own trucker-hat's into the ring. Yesterday they announced via social media that they will be launching their own car auction website: RAD For Sale. Obviously, their goal is to help the best and raddest cars of the 1980's and 1990's find new owners. They'll be up against stiff competition from Bring a Trailer, who has the market cornered, and also Doug's Cars & Bids site, which exclusively features cars built from 1980 up to present day.

No word on when the site will launch, but if you sign up for their email RAD For Sale will waive your first seller's fee!

Are you ready for RAD for Sale?

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  • Oh hell yeah! Count Me In. Things might be a little cheaper than over on Doug site

      8 months ago

      8 months ago
  • So an 04 would not be allowed?

      8 months ago
  • Question to experienced rad wood goers: are there and exceptions to the rules of only cars from 1980-1999? Asking for a friend.

      8 months ago
    • If you have like a ‘79 or ‘00 model year of a car that was built within 80-99, they’ll probably let you in. Especially if it’s cool

        8 months ago
    • So an 04 would be too new? Even if the styling didn’t change from 1998?

        8 months ago