Radwood Is The Coolest Car Meet You Probably Haven't Heard Of Yet

You had me at "period correct."

3y ago

What do the Pentium Processor, the iMac, and my dad's Volvo all have in common? Besides being totally rad, they're all from one of the greatest decades--the '90s.

After noticing that this decade was severely underrepresented by car shows last year, a group of podcast hosts decided to put together a meet for '90s cars. Similar to Goodwood Revival across the pond, period dress was encouraged, and the owners of several plastic-clad vehicles got their rides together for a celebration of the era.

It must have been a decent success, because it's happening again this year at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, CA on December 2nd. Cars, trucks and motorcycles from 1980-1999 are all welcome. If you don't have a car to show, you can still put on your acid-wash jeans and enjoy the sights and period-correct entertainment. It's gonna be hella tight.

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