Rage breaks fuel pipe

    Rage drives home all sweet and innocent until someone thought it would be clever to throw a huge rock in the road...

    It was the year 2014, I can not remember the date because frankly I do not really give a shit, but after a long hard day at work Rage was driving home as if nothing happened, until a squad of 3 hooded youths were walking in his direction, and threw what could be described as a massive boulder the size of a Peel P50, without time to react Rage incidentally went over this form of stone causing damage to his beloved Ford Fiesta Zetec which was the colour British Ocean Green, after stopping it then came clear to him that his car, his lover, was in mortal danger.

    Rear axle in its prime condition

    Rear axle in its prime condition

    After nursing his car home he spent all night thinking how much it would cost him to get it fixed, would he have to get a new car, while also questioning if he left the gas on at work. After spending hours then realising that the gas was switched off he got some sleep.

    One of the holes in the floor

    One of the holes in the floor

    The next day he went to the garage to get told that it was a write off, his car had gone, he wrecked his car like no girl has ever experienced, and looking at the state of it you would have been a fool to want to experience, after all Rage is known for leaving girls in wheelchairs after sexy times, especially Rubbish's mum. In the end he got a new car which is a Nissan Almera with the colour Grey

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