Rain Supreme

2y ago


So the Nitro Funnys had a play day on Saturday, which wasn't particularly envious given the fact rain came and went for the majority of the day. A few classes didn't officially have a finish but circumstances made that understandable for most.

Wet enough to soak your hat

I've started coming back to the Motorplex on a regular basis again, just like old times. I've missed having something creative to do from one weekend to another and just be lazy sod Davo again. Quick photo here, chinwag over there, get deafened by a warmed up rotary at other times. Proper weekend, that.

I honestly couldn't work out who looked more angrier, Kelvin or the front clip

Car count for this meeting? Seemed healthier than the last round. Modified especially. Seeing one car in that class when 30+ a couple of seasons ago was on the cards seemed like a really sad thing to see in these turbulent times. Luckily that has improved and will gradually stabilise again some time soon.

It's all still mad Altered people, but that's ok too

Doorslammers have some great cars trying out for the Summer Slam mini-competition. Plenty of new ones to spot, which is always good to see. Enjoying some new car shapes like the Chevelle and Mustang joining some of the more traditional bodies of choice.

But it's not just the racing that I've noticed. I think the best part is it does appear the Motorplex is trying to be more "family fun". Tractor train, face painting, bouncy castle... bus, thing. And in a visible and accessible spot right at the front of the public pit entrance. It's a great initiative and I think the place has needed something like that to keep the wee kids interested.

Bouncy castle... bus, thing.

Davo, having an internal crisis over kids entertainment identification

So next event, I'm definitely keen to have a look again. Anticipation is returning (slowly, admittedly) and I believe things are looking up.

The Johns family has been brushing up on learning Swedish. L O 2 U 2.

Also, just wanted to say I hope Paul and Andy are ok after their scary moment in Super Sedan. Hopefully the rebuilding process will not be a long one for them both.