The Rain Forest Challenge is the heir of the glorious Camel Trophy, the Rainforest Challeng is a race where not only speed is important, but the technique, the team spirit and team effort, especially mutual help between the teams in ' address the obstacles they encounter along the way. During the years the Rainforest Challenge was attended by drivers from all over the world. GLOBAL SERIES Global Series is the world's bond mother event in Malaysia, equivalent to the Formula 1 championship. RFC GLOBAL SERIES Australia, Italy, West Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Central Russia, North China, the Balkans, Korea, Thailand, Brazil, America, India. Also in this edition we will see the crews engaged in the prologue: test with double-goal, where every team can gain points for the final and win the best position for the start in the special stages. Followed by two days of special stages, where the competitors will have to give their best to overcome obstacles and difficulties carefully selected by the organization, in order to win the highest place of the Podium. PROGRAM FIRST DAY: Accreditation, determination of the starting order through a test called Prologue, where contestants will have to overcome some tests in a mixed night circuit. SECOND DAY The crews will face a circuit of natural terrain, with varied levels of difficulty of each class. Also, to see the validation of the progress achieved stages, the competitors will have to pass the "admission test". THIRD DAY The crews still in the race will always face of natural land until the end of the event that will end with the closing ceremony, the awards ceremony and the usual photos.


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