Rali Vinho Madeira 2016

2y ago


This is the Photographic report of what was the Rali Vinho Madeira 2016 seen by the eyes of an Azorean visiting Madeira. A rallye on which a lot happened: a lot of wind mixed with extreme heat that led to terrifying fires the week prior to the event, which destroyed many houses and forests on the island. Lots of fights between the drivers, great racing cars, very good times with the best people and very bad moments, in short, motorsport at its best.

This was my second time in Madeira, photographing this rally with great scenery.

Sometimes, the photographer also gets caught on camera :)

As i said before, i took this opportunity to show my new logo on some of my clients cars. Here, the Ford Fiesta R5 of Bruno and Hugo Magalhães.

During the Shakedown, teams, drivers and fans start to test and having a feel of what's about to come.

The race is about to start, and the machines are ready to roar!

Pure concentration on the eyes of Robert Consani, about to start competing.

The first competitive stage, run in downtown Funchal, Madeira's biggest city, is a crowd gatherer, so the drivers always try to provide a great show to the viewers.

The first leg of the rallye, took us to some of the highest and most known stages of the venue - Palheiro Ferreiro - heading to Chão da Lagoa, with a great view over Funchal and the Atlantic Ocean.

Great scenery and winding roads, some with unprotected ravines, a real test to the courage of rallye drivers.

Cidade de Santana 2 and Ribeiro Frio 2 stages, were disputed on the afternoon, before the demanding night stages.

Elias Barros and Ricardo Faria, driving the Fiesta R5 through some of the thousands of flowers you can see in the island.

The night fell on the demanding stages, making life very difficult for both drivers and media. But it's always a great show to see cars emerging on the darkness, brakes glowing under heavy braking and flamming hot exhaust pipes.

Sometimes i find myself photographing in some weird places and situations, in order to achieve a different and better picture. Results are as follows...

For several reasons, this venue has very bittersweet regarding my company rebranding premiere and my customers performance. Big highs, and big lows, but in the end the same feeling, we'll comeback stronger, and this wasn't my last visit to Madeira. See you next time!

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