Rally cars for the road

2y ago


Audi Sport Quattro

The Audi Sport Quattro was the road going brother of the formidable Sport S1 - otherwise known as the most powerful rally car ever, which produced as much as 590bhp. The road version was slightly toned down, as it produced 306bhp yet used the same four wheel drive system. Only 164 road versions were produced, meaning that the Sport Quattro it excruciatingly rare and difficult to find. Prices for a second hand model are around the £400,000 mark, however the chances of finding one at auction are scarce considering the demand these second hand racers.

Peugeot 205 Turbo T16

In order to enter Group B rallying, Peugeot needed to produce 200 road going versions of their rally car. Enter the T16. A mid-engined hatchback with a turbocharged 1.8-litre engine, producing 197bhp. This ungodly combination epitomised the Group B era and demonstrated to other manufacturers that hatchbacks didn't have to be slow. However, at a recent Sotheby’s auction, this particular car sold for £156,800. An eye watering amount considering for that price you could buy a modern day Audi R8 Plus and have enough for three Dancia Sanderos.

Lancia Delta HF Intergrale

This Giugiaro designed pocket-rocket boasted a turbocharged 2 litre straight four, with an all wheel drive system that ensured that it could compete with other rival hatchbacks. The Intergrale had 200bhp as well as a cool party-piece: an adjustable rear wing. The Intergrale played upon Lancia's incredible rallying heritage and showed how it could still produce epic road cars coupled with their rallying ones. Prices are still relatively reasonable, as a good second hand Intergrale can be found for around £50,000. Its definitely a good investment to make, considering the price of other classic Lancias such as the Stratos.

Subaru Impreza 22B STi

Ask any diehard Subaru fan about which is the greatest Impreza in the world, and you’re this name. The Impreza 22B STI, renown for being one of the fastest stock Imprezas around. It was produced as a result of Subaru turning 40, as well as winning three consecutive World Championships, from 1995 to 1997. Subaru's EJ22 flat-four engine produced 280bhp, which resulted in it hitting 60mph in 4.5 seconds. Only 400 were produced for the Japanese markets, followed by 16 for the UK and just 5 for Australia. Prices range from £70,000 upwards - making this one of the more attainable cars on this list.

Lancia stratos

The Lancia Stratos was the first car purpose built for the World Rally Championship. Its supercar looks housed a Ferrari-sourced 2.4 litre Dino V6 propelled the road going version to 60mph in just over six seconds, continuing on to over 140mph. The Lancia weighed just 980kg and had 197bhp, more than enough considering its feather-weight attributes. The Stratos dominated during its time in WRC, winning three World Championship victories in 1974, 1975, and 1976. The iconic looks and superb ability to win races justifies why a second hand Stratos costs anywhere from £400,000 to £600,000.

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