Rally Legends of Old turned into 700+Hp HillClimb Monsters

On this year´s edition of Gorjanci Hillclimb on Slovenia, the battle for Fastest Touring Car was an amazing one, not only because of how close the two fastest Monsters were from each other in the end but also because of how Iconic the cars both Monsters were based on.

It boiled down to the tremendous 770Hp Audi Quattro S1 by ProSpeed driven by Nikki Zlatkov against the 700+Hp Lancia Delta Integrale of Milan Bubnic, two Monsters with firm roots on the World of Rallying but still capable of holding their own and still beating far more modern competition on the European Hills where both can still compete in modernized and even faster versions. When all was said and done, this was the final Result:

1st || Milan Bubic - Lancia Delta Integrale »» 3.46,619

2nd || Nikki Zlatkov - Audi Quattro S1 »» 3.46,847

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Comments (3)
  • I'm aroused. Might not have happened since these howling machines reigned supreme. Happy days.

    1 month ago
  • Paul is right......

    1 month ago


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