- Rally of Sperlonga, 10th anniversary. Pic by me.

Rally, my first Love.

43w ago


Some of you may have heard me sayin' that Formula 1 is Life... well, It is!

Nevertheless, many of you probably don't know that the first form of Motorsport I've ever got to know, is Rallying.

I've been and I am lucky enough to be part of a great Team led by a lifetime Homie who is a rally driver which I share most of my passions and interests with ; in fact since I was a little kid I've been able to travel all over Italy, from Monza to Sicily, always to support my Homie nicknamed "Jandal".

Me at 2005 Bologna Motor Show

A couple of years later I fell in love with F1, growing up with Schumacher's victories, but never forgetting my Rallying roots.

One of the main reasons why I love so much attending rallies (apart because it can make me momentarily forget about all the stupid vain girls who drive me mad and make me losing time) is because it makes me live all of my passions all in once : traveling, taking pics & vids, visiting new places, meeting new people and meeting again old friends coming from throughout the country but all united by this common passion. And I simply can't get enough of this.

Starting University and my life gets new coordinates = ( - Rallies ; + Study )

I didn't attend a Rally for a long time... that magic feelings, smells and noises were becoming just sweet memories but all of a sudden, a race weekend that wouldn't have been an issue for my exams finally came up and I've found enough free time to don't miss it.

So on Friday Dec. 14th, I've jumped on the first train and went straight to one of the coolest place in the World in my opinion : Sperlonga.


Saturday. Day 1

The car is here, and I'm finally living again all the magic feelings of a very special place in Rallies' World : the Service Park!

Jandal's weapon for Sperlonga.

Gonna rain, or ain't gonna rain? That is the question!

120 participants ; the quickest fighters are :

8 Skoda Fabia R5 •vs• 3 Ford Fiesta R5 •vs• 2 Ford Fiesta WRC •vs•

1 Citroen DS3 WRC •vs• 1 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X •

The battle would be much more close if it rains, even if would be less comfortable for spectators but it's not a big deal since rallies' spectators are known for their adaptations abilities. Very different from a Sir who drinks his champagne in a Paddock.

Anyway, some weather apps say it'll rain, other apps say it won't but the sky on our heads is gray. The first half of the stage has got draining asphalt, the other half is slippery and dirty so an uncertain weather make the unknowns increasing. Now the right tire choice is crucial.

In the end, Jandal and his co-driver Mirko opt for the Pirelli dry tires :

Jandal & Mirko choosing the right tires

It didn't rain!


1st Stage

After a marvelous sunset, it's finally time to start the engines.

In a nutshell : the new DS3 WRC is a BULLET and seeing it live it's amazing. Sorry if in the clip above the focus isn't perfect. Unfortunately this has been the first and last stage for the DS3 as it later retired for a technical problem. However this night stage hasn't been particularly lucky for us, as Jandal didn't have a perfect start but managed anyway to finish 5th overall ; not that bad.

A dinner with good old friends resets everything

Saturday night and we had a dinner with a great driver and his friends, Nicola Pagnozzi a real gentleman. Now we're ready for Day 2!


Sunday. Day 2

Sperlonga is shining and the sunrise gives us hope

Sperlonga sunrise, pic by me.

First stage of the day and Jandal & Mirko are ON FIRE, their performance is super-duper!

Gooooo!!! Pic by me

They keep being in the TOP 5 overall which is great.

I'm super happy and proud for them but there are still 2 stages to go! Meanwhile, I go back to the service park and look who I meet just next to our tend!

Anna Andreussi & Paolo Andreucci 11 times Italian Rally Champions & Max Rendina 2014 WRC2 World Champion (with Skoda suit).

Final two stages but "the die is cast"!

Nobody of the top drivers do any mistakes in the last 2 stages so the overall results remain the same.

Our rivals and friends (pic below) Fabio Gianfico and his co-driver Liberato Mongillo masterfully win the fourth and last stage confirming their 3rd place overall, kudos to them!

L Mongillo, F Gianfico, Me & Jandal


in the end Jandal & Mirko made it in the Top 5 out of 120 ; not bad at all!!

Hope you like this and now comprehend my feeling for the most beautiful thing in the world : Motorsport.

If you would like to see more about this experience, watch the video down below...

no worries, even if you don't speak italian I'm sure u gonna appreciate that (at least I hope it lol) btw I promise that I'm gonna do vlogs in English the day I'll have a lot of friends around the world ; also because English is far easier than Italian!

Merry XMas dear DriveTribe users and see ya to my next adventure!

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