Rally vs rally raid - what?

How does rally raid differ from wrc and stage rallying?

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Rally Raiders is all about Off Road Racing of all types, Competitive Safari to Rally to Rally Raid; here we love it if its on sand, mud, gravel or dirt... we don't care. Our first love is Rally Raid though, so expect to see a lot of this here!

What is Rally Raid?

All out endurance rallying. Long distance racing off road. To many people, these style events are the whole reason they got into racing in the first place. To rev on the start-line of the Dakar or take the first jump in front of the crowds at the Baja 1000. They take place over rough terrain with little guidance other than the GPS positioning or rough stage notes.

These races are very hard to do without a full team behind you

Bearbones racing

Races in this category include; The Dakar (now held in South America), the Baja 1000 the TransAnatolia Rally Raid, Rallye des Pharaons, Central Europe Rally, Spanish Baja, Raid De Himalaya, Klang Valley Rally Raid and Russian Baja Northern Forest.

The FIA have a series called the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup, which most of these rally raid style races are part of.

To compete you need to have worked up through the different disciplines, raced internationally and proven that you are skilled enough to take it on. These races are very hard to do without a full team behind you – the bigger teams have full service trucks, state of the art navigation and communication systems and massive mechanic teams. Often these races are won on logistic organisation.

Danish driver Jes Munk (right) and his French co-driver Sebastien Delaunay of Polaris in 2015

Danish driver Jes Munk (right) and his French co-driver Sebastien Delaunay of Polaris in 2015

What do I need?

- Current FIA International License, earned through competing in at least two national competitions in the year before.

- Off road vehicle modified to the FIA Rally Raid Specifications.

- Big Balls.

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  • Thanks Andrew & Robert - The term actually comes from the french for expedition or collective endeavour and in the first true and named as 'Rally Raid' races (Peking - Paris, 1907. New York - Paris 1908. New York - Seattle, 1909.) the competitors were expected to help each other. You can still see this in the racing today, with the truck classes carrying spares sometimes for their car team mates. Strictly a Rally Raid is intercontinental but its used so interchangeably with Baja these days that it hardly matters any more.

    Another fun fact; we can trace almost all our motor racing back to France (Paris–Rouen, Le Petit Journal Horseless Carriages Contest) in 1894, where the first to cross the line was a steam powered vehicle that was disqualified for needing to have the engine stoked. The first true winner was a 3hp Peugeot... so Peugeot's Rally Raid history is a long one!

      4 years ago
  • Great article but I would suggest that the Baja 1000 doesn't belong in this group. It is brutal and long like many a rally raid but the format is different. Navigation is done via GPS rather than road book and the course is released several weeks ahead of time and pre-running is allowed and quite common. It is possible to have multiple drivers and navigators (co-drivers). Additionally, the entire race is one stage. You leave the start line and don't stop racing until the finish line sometimes 36 hours later.

      2 years ago
  • Great article. Always knew RR was different just didn't know the differences.

      4 years ago
  • great article!

      4 years ago
  • I hear you can hire a trophy truck for a bit out in Vegas!

      4 years ago