106 Rallye,a car that change the game for many reason's its ligh,its quick but most of all its absolutely beautiful.

Tiny but beast....

You cant tell that this is fast car,but you can say its really fun to drive and its brutal honest car,because its simple and dangerous most of the time when you are forget the throttle but,thats the thing there is no electronic system and all this crazy tech car things.All the group of ''nothing'' makes this car amazing,and future classic.

Raw and Clear.

Its raw and clean inside,and the noise of the wind and the wheel noise with this amazing engine noise all these ,God damn...it feels like ''sex without condom'' ,its messy some times ,noisy,and ....brutall fun,its an amazing car.

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Comments (2)

  • As a lover of the 205 gti, these didn't quite hit it with me. These days they have a bit of a cult following and I fully get that... Maybe have one stuck away in my "fantasy garage"

      4 days ago
  • Brilliant car! My personal favourite was always the 306 Rallye, that thing was so wonderfully 90s

      4 days ago