Rallying an all stock wrx Bugeye

who even gets to do that anymore?

4y ago

Well, yesterday I experienced a bit of Subaru purity. I took an all stock Subaru WRX "bugeye" on a rally stage in Ontario. Finding one of these in stock form in my area is near impossible, and getting the chance to pound one around a loose surface rally course is even more impossibler. (that's not a word). I did some filming for an upcoming review for my Youtube channel but I wanted to give my first impressions here. It seems that its becoming impossible to find an old wrx that doesn't have a million miles on the Odo and doesn't have every modification possible slapped on the underside. So I took a minute to collect myself in the driver's seat (that thankfully wasn't filled with vape) before I tried to experience this car as it was meant to exist, on a surface it was meant to call home. I have never been on a rally course where I was free to drive flat out, and free to hit a tree if my little heart so desired, so on my first couple laps I had a hard time thinking about the car itself. Coming from a track driving background and going to a gravel course, feels like putting a 155 section width tire on a v8 Mustang and trying to navigate through crowds of people without becoming a youtube sensation. I will say though, right away I realized that driving flat out on the gravel, mud, and dirt is easily one of the most addictive activities I have ever done. Full stop. You track junkies out there will know that feeling you get in a well balanced RWD car, when you get the car turned in perfectly in a fast corner, and you feel the whole car lighten as it begins to rotate. That point where you steer with the throttle, and maybe take a little more over-steer on the way out than you need. Thats the best feeling, and its one you get almost constantly in a good AWD car on the loose surface. The WRX felt so alive all the time. When you get it right, and pitch it in to a sharp corner, letting the tire sidewall do the braking... the car sweeps through the apex sideways and you have your foot flat on the throttle... THAT, is simply just the best thing ever. No. It's not the STI, but there was never a point on that rally course where I felt I needed any more car. It was engaging and talkative, and felt right at home. I can't wait to share the full film with you, as I'm going to put the Bugeye up against the newest generation WRX. This is the first bit of writing I have done on DriveTribe and it's a bit off the cuff, but I had to get some thoughts out now before I start filming the rest of this review. Hope you all enjoy.

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  • It really was tons of fun Sarah. Can't wait to start filming the road portion of the review. Unfortunately this review might have cost me a few thousand dollars. Because now I need to go out and buy an old subaru to beat around on the rally course.

      4 years ago
  • Sounds like one hell of an experience! Can't wait to see the video on the car!

      4 years ago