Ralph's Roadster

In case you didn't guess it (I wouldn't blame you) i'm talking about the first season of the hit 1974 sitcom Happy Days.

For nothing more than pure nostalgia reasons, here is an extremely poor quality video of the opening credits featuring the First Class Motor i'm out to talk about:

Of course there has to be a reason why I chose to write about this particular sitcom right?

Well here it is:

The 1929 Ford Model A Roadster. I mean just look at it.... HOW COOL IS THAT!

Now, i'm sure there are a few reasons why Happy Days has racked up an impressive 7.5 on IMBD. However, I am not (as I am sure that you are not) really that interested in crazy plot lines and out of date TV gags.

We just want more pictures of this awesome Hotrod... well your wish is my command.

Bottom line here people, this was a show about some teenagers growing up in the 50's! Where kids were building drag racers in their garages. This one belonged to Ralph Malph (Don Most) who was one of the main characters!

But, as you will remember, this wasn't the only car to grace our screens on Happy Days!

Here are some of the other beauties: Can you name them?

Thanks for stopping by...

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All photo credit to Google, IMCDb.org and sitcomsonline.com. Youtube video credit to AFinleyProductions

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  • Hot rods actually make me feel ill. I know what they were - beautiful classic cars.

    1 year ago
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