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Ran our 7th AutoX event today, while the first few heats had to deal with a wet surface and drizzle, it had stopped raining long enough by the time my heat rolled around, that the course had dried, except for the racing line. To say that traction was scarce would be an understatement. Couple that with tires that refused to heat up, and you have an almost endless list of excuses to draw from. That said, my class managed to set some of the fastest times of the day, including our class winner taking second overall.
I, however, sadly, and with much disappointment in my own efforts, only managed to take 9th in class, with a gap in delta that I’ve not seen since last season. Still, I took 26th out of 130, and have managed to hold on to my position in class as Best of the Rest.

Beats being at work.

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