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Randy Pobst wrecks modified Tesla Model 3 Performance at Pikes Peak

Unplugged Performance's highly modified Tesla Model 3 Performance was crashed by Randy Pobst in an attempt to break 10 minutes at Pikes Peak

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If you're up-to-date on all of your Tesla news, you'll know that Randy Pobst has been hard at work putting a trio of highly-modified 'Unplugged Performance' Tesla Model 3's through their paces, with a record-setting time of just 1:35.79 at Laguna Seca earlier this month.

Earlier this week, these same cars were taken up to Pike's Peak in an attempt to further assess the car's handling prowess. Unplugged Performance were targeting a time of 4:30 for the Model 3, but on his first qualifying, Randy Pobst managed to get the car up Pike's Peak in just 4:15!

Pobst, who was quickly growing comfortable with the car, was poised to take on the upper section with even more vigor than last time.

As the car approached a high-elevation section known as 'Bottomless Pit' the Model 3 hit a small bump in the road. Now, ordinarily, this would not be an issue for a veteran racecar driver such as Randy Pobst. However, entry speeds in EVs is a notoriously difficult thing to judge, and unfortunately, the car was going 10-20 mph faster than it should have been.

Unplugged Performance

Unplugged Performance

After hitting the dip in the road, the Model 3 was sent flying into a bridge designed to keep drivers from plunging to their deaths; after that it ricocheted into the gravel ditch nose first, sliding a further 10 yards.


Nobody was hurt or seriously injured, but the car was pretty well beat-up. However, Pobst and the Unplugged Racing team are still hoping to return for the main event on Saturday with the one remaining Model 3.


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