range rover gets a 4 pot

advanced 2.0 from discovery sport for 2017 model year

4y ago

A very surprising change this week to the lineup for Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport. Since forever…well since 2005 when the Range Rover Sport was first launched anyway, Land Rover have only fitted engines with a minimum of 6 cylinders, from the TDV6 and 8 diesels all the way through to the current 5.0 V8 petrol in the lunatic SVR model. Well now for the first time the almost-Range Rover is getting a 4 cylinder 2 litre diesel.
It’s the same Ingenium motor already fitted to the Discovery Sport and Evoque models and Land Rover reckons in the Range Rover Sport it’ll get the car to 60 in a not too shabby 8 seconds with a combined 45.6mpg. Jaguar Land Rover’s much lauded 3.0 V6 supercharged petrol will also be added to the 2017 cars. The 2.0 diesel model will become the entry level Range Rover Sport and whilst dealers in Spain are awaiting their priceless, in the UK the 2017 range will start start at £59,700.

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