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  • Toyota, knowing it can take me anywhere just like the range but without the fear of breaking down

      9 months ago
  • Range rover for me

      9 months ago
    • Same

        9 months ago
    • The toyota is a great off roader but I feel that the range rover would be more capable

        9 months ago
  • The land cruiser is overpriced

      9 months ago
  • Considering the 80 series LC is one of my favorites and would be in my “dream garage” ... I don’t need another one so I’d take the Range Rover and hope that I score a quality built iteration. Plus I prefer RR styling, fit and finish, etc over the contemporary LC.

      9 months ago
  • Range rovers are a lot nicer and decently quick but when they go wrong (which they will) they are bloody expensive. So I'd go land cruiser

      9 months ago


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