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Ranger Raptor Review

Just my thoughts on the new Ford Ranger Raptor

15w ago

"THE best Pick up"


The outside of this truck is absolutely awesome. It hosts wide flared arches that are painted in the body colour, then finish off around the edge of the bodywork with a plastic trim. Not a huge fan of plastic however in this case it does make the truck more usable off road. You don't have to worry as much about damaging the expensive paint work!

There are also huge side steps on the side of the truck which are black which match the plastic trims. The side steps are also very rough which is great for two things, one being grip when entering or exiting the vehicle after a good cross country blast. Two they make it look like a rough and ready dakar truck. Giving this pick up the Ford performance feel. I think the side skirts are a huge part to the overall image of this truck.

The shoes of the truck. Big sidewalls, small classic american style alloys. The alloys are also painted in a dark grey. Being painted in the grey they blend with a few areas of the body work which ties everything in really nicely.


Inside of this "commercial vehicle" you have more creature comforts than most cars! You have your Automatic headlights, automatic wipers, built in navigation, reverse camera and the list goes on and on.

However as a petrol head there are other things that appeal to me a lot more than just these features within the truck. We have a a red center mark on the steering wheel which is something you find on most sports cars giving you that buzz that your pick up is not just a truck it is a sports truck . Then we have the leather and suede seats which is not something you expect on a truck but is cool and makes you more at home. Blue stitching on the seats which match to the stitching on the steering wheel. Little details like these on a vehicle you wouldn't assume it to have. Raptor embossed on the steering wheel as well. All of which add to the character of this Raptor.


The drive of these trucks is simply fantastic you have a nice high seating position giving you great visibility. The inside noise is quiet and comfortable, the 2.0 litre diesel ecoblue engine does sound like it will be under powered but the engine handle the size and weigh of the truck well. It has a nice, smooth acceleration which is not sluggish in my opinion. The smaller more refined engine in this I would say is nicer than the 3.2 in the Ranger. Making it a delight to use everyday.


In short the details and all the little elements that Ford Performance and Ford have added to this truck to make it that much better and unique have paid off. I think its the coolest vehicle most laborers or haulage firms etc could use as a daily vehicle and a work horse all in one. If you get a chance to sit in or drive one take the offer up as it is impressive.

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