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Rank every Forza title

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    • Horizon 1
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    • Horizon 4
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    Comments (10)

    • How dare FH2 be so low ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ 

        11 days ago
    • But still, FH4 is the best one.

        11 days ago
    • Preferred FM6 to FM7 mainly as I liked the career mode more. FM4 was the highlight of xbox360 versions and still playing FH4 even though Iโ€™ve owned it for over 2 years! FH4 way too much.

        9 days ago
    • FH4 is easily the worst horizon game, the map is boring and the dlc isnโ€™t that good however the festival playlist is a really fun way of getting new cars.

        10 days ago
    • I'm surprised that FM4 is voted so high. It was a great game, my first Forza game actually, but it is the best Forza-Motorsport-game in this list.

        10 days ago