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Rank the best Muscle Cars from GM, that were not made by Chevy!
Select your answers in order of preference.
    • 1966 Pontiac GTO
    • 1967 Oldsmobile 442
    • 1970 Buick GSX 455 Stage ...

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    • I get that the GTO was the most iconic. It’s easily the most recognizable. But the GSX was the fastest production car from GM in that era. The 442 and the GTO were like tied for second in my mind behind the Buick. Dude why did you have to make me choose like that?

        8 months ago
    • Hard choice but..

      442 gto gsx

        8 months ago
    • 70 GSX is almost incomparable to the GTO and 442 from a couple years before - it blitzed them on the strip!

        8 months ago
    • I can’t decide😫😫😫😫

        8 months ago
    • GSX



      For me at least

        8 months ago