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R​ank the BMW E30 Body Styles

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    • C​oupe
    • C​onvertible
    • S​edan
    • T​ouring

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    Comments (4)

    • I was having a look at the old 3 series a while back after watching the topgear dads car episode. E30 model i think but all i could find in good nick was the convertible ones & for the 4 weeks of sunny weather a year in the uk doesnt seem worth it. Bring on climate change lol

        8 days ago
    • Convertible is #4? Are you series people? Beautiful car that still fetching reasonable prices at auction, particularly manuals!

        9 days ago
    • 2 door, 4 door, touring, convertible (I don't really like the convertibles)

        9 days ago
      • 9 days ago