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Rank the Cars by their Uglyness
Select your answers in order of preference.
    • Tata Magic Iris
    • Ssangyong Rodius
    • Pontiac Aztek
    • Fiat Multipla
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    Comments (21)

    • Tesla Cybertruck is missing

        8 months ago
    • When u rank them in the wrong order and put the cullinan as the worst looking and multipla as the best

        8 months ago
    • The Aztek only nr. 4?

      Are you all blind?

        8 months ago
      • Multipla always has its 1st place in the ugliness ranking, so Aztek can only hope for 2nd spot.

          8 months ago
      • Altough I don't think that the Multipla is the ugliest, it is just the most popular one

          8 months ago
    • You know, I don't think you've posted nearly enough about the Tata Magic Iris :)

        8 months ago
    • So is this 1 is ugliest and 8 is best looking?

        8 months ago