1y ago
R​ank the European Mid-Size Sedans

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • A​udi A6
    • B​MW 5 Series
    • M​ercedes-Benz E-Class
    • J​aguar XF
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    Comments (12)

    • My favourite is the Volvo, then Jag then Merc.

        1 year ago
    • Thought the jag would be higher up the list. My favourite out of the lot

        1 year ago
      • Yeah mine to. Hate the bmw 5 series! Why is it at the top darn it!

          1 year ago
      • Because buying a jag is like burning money in every other country than the uk when you trying to sell that thing. On the other hand old jags have not the best reputation in my country. So it's hard to find people who want to buy a 70.000€ car with...

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          1 year ago