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Rank the generations of the Holden Commodore

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • VB '78-'80
    • VC '80-'81
    • VH '81-'84
    • VK '84-'86
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    Comments (9)

    • I almost am in tune with everyone, except ZB. I put it last. Not because there's something wrong with it. It's just a wrong car to be Commodore, i.e. FWD, neither V8, nor manual transmission options. GM was looking for excuse to kill (sorry, retire) the brand and get out of Australia. They found it ZB! Had it been brought to Australia as Opel, it might not have been a runaway success, but it would have been selling far more than handful of cars a month. As usual, well done GM! Go and make your EV's or overpriced plastic cars with 1950's engines!

        3 months ago
      • I agree. No doubt the ZB was a good car. However it was not a Commodore. You're right, it lacked v8, RWD, manual, and the Aussie spirit - it was an opel afterall. Along with a declining market and competition - cheaper imports, there were very...

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          3 months ago
      • GM could have saved Holden, but they chose not to. To start with, Commodore is of similar size to Mercedes. All they needed to do is to drop diesel with 5-speed manual and take it to Europe to fight basic Mercedes at their own game, taxi cab...

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          3 months ago
    • ZB is the worst and VFII is the best with VK and VE as the runner ups

        3 months ago
    • Can't believe the VL is so low

        3 months ago
    • hope you enjoyed my first post 😊

        3 months ago