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Rank the Nissan GT-Rs!
Select your answers in order of preference.
    • KPGC10
    • KPGC110
    • R32
    • R33
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    Comments (15)

    • R33 is very underrated

        10 months ago
    • R33 is 5th. Unbelievable

        10 months ago
    • Although I have never been a JDM fan, the KPGC10 always deserves a special spot in my heart.

        10 months ago
      • I agree it is just so beautiful

          10 months ago
    • No R30? 🙁

        10 months ago
      • Well they aren't really GTRs. The R30 and R31.

          10 months ago
      • :( but they are skylines

          10 months ago
    • The Z cars, 240-300’s, were such a huge success in the USA, Nissan never brought the Skyline to us... too bad

        10 months ago


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