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    • BMW
    • Audi
    • Mercedes

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    • Audi’s have the worst drivers by a country mile.

        9 months ago
    • Porsche?

        9 months ago
      • A different type of brand, they don’t do Saloons etc. Like the other 3 do

          9 months ago
    • Surprised a bit by the ranking. Mercs are such old man cars to me (there are afee exceptions to be fair though).

        9 months ago
    • Really love Mercedes and Audi but have always hated bmw

        9 months ago
      • What’s wrong with BMWs

          9 months ago
      • I just have never been interested in them. I think they are good cars

          9 months ago
    • AMG‘s are cool, but the other Merc‘s have shitty cheap Chinese plastic in the interior.

        9 months ago
      • Depends on what you're buying though, If you're buying a A180d then it's whats expected. However the more expensive models, for example a S500, have beautiful interiors.

          9 months ago


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