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Rank These 1970s Supercars

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Lamborghini Countach
    • Ferrari 365 GT/4 BB
    • Porsche 930 Turbo
    • Lancia Stratos
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    Comments (9)

    • BMW M1 is so underrated

        13 days ago
      • Typical for great BMW! Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong! First run was built by company in deep sh*t, Lamborghini and during Oil Crisis are two the most noticeable problems. Nonetheless, 6-cylinder on is up for auction at BaT....

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          13 days ago
    • m1


      Lancia Stratos (I don't consider it a supercar)



      lambo (I don't like most 70s lambos, although and 80s countach is sick)

      bora the worst one.

        13 days ago
    • that is almost a 7 way tie

        13 days ago
    • I think I want everything there except for the Ferrari

        13 days ago
    • 1. Countach

      2. M1

      3. 930

        13 days ago