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    • F​errari F40
    • A​ston Martin DB5
    • T​oyota Supra MK4
    • L​amborghini Aventador
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    • I need to clear up the fact both supra and Skyline are overrated, especially by people who believe they all have 7 million horse power and can drift like some mental machine! The F1 isn’t really overrated and the DB5, albeit a stunning car, can cause a few argument, though it does has Mr Bond himself to back it up.

        10 days ago
    • The F40 is the most overrated car on this list, it’s honestly just a great track weapon. Not at all something you could comfortably drive on a daily basis.

        10 days ago
    • Since when has the aventador become overrated?

        10 days ago
      • It isn’t overrated according to me but some people do think it is overrated...

          10 days ago
    • F1, F40, DB5, GT-R, and the Toyota.

        10 days ago
      • The F1 more overrated than the Toyota Supra 😱?

          10 days ago
      • Oh sorry for being a moron! I ranked them from my most favourite to the least. It actually should be the other way around 😂😬

          10 days ago
    • Good god they largely are all overrated! The Supra and R34 are seriously overrated. The F40 and F1 are just track toys tbh. The F40 is a Kevlar go kart with and engine from a 288 GTO with a bit more bhp. The F1 is much the same, it just is a go kart with a BMW V12 and three seats. I admit it had some pretty marvellous engineering, particularly for the gearbox, but there is not a lot in it is there? Also 600bhp from a 6.0 V12 isn’t that impressive or the 90s. The F40 engine is more power dense. It’s only popular as it’s just so rare.

      The Aventador isn’t that overrated to me. I think it’s just popular with non car people and isn’t seen as an enthusiast vehicle. The DB5 is overrated. It isn’t as good looking to me as a DB4 (though it still looks fantastic) , and it is basically a DB4. It also drives like a tank. But the Bond thing definitely backs it up.

        9 days ago