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  • Lol how can people think the f1 is more historically important than the model s.

    8 days ago
    10 Bumps
    • because unlike you most people have brain

      8 days ago
      15 Bumps
    • Nah its because people are thinking with their heart not their brain

      7 days ago
      9 Bumps
  • Yeah the McLaren f1 isn’t very historical... the beetle on the other hand

    8 days ago
    9 Bumps
    • The McLaren f1 IS’NT very historical?? So where would you rate it?? It was a first in motoring engineering, not the first in motoring engineering, try and keep up

      8 days ago
      5 Bumps
    • It’s a fast car cool not like it saved a country during depression or anything

      8 days ago
      6 Bumps


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