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Rank these early BMW M Cars!
Select your answers in order of preference.
    • 3.0 CSL
    • 2002 Turbo
    • M1
    • M535I E12
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    • My _order_ is more nostalgia based.

      Being a teenager in the late 80’s, walking to school, every morning, we’d be passed by a beautiful silver M325i…

      The M635CSI was just another ‘80s beast…

      The original M5, for the same reasons …

      I’m sure the others are important; but cars are an emotional thing, first…

        7 months ago
      • An actual M325i? Wow, those are seriously rare! Do you live in New Zealand?

        But yeah, I'd pick the rankings based off nostalgia too; I'll never forget the time I saw a green 3.0 CSL and just instantly fell in love. Gorgeous thing.

          7 months ago
    • Where is e34 M5?!?

        7 months ago
      • I kinda just wanted to include the first-of-their-kind cars rather than span through all the generations. That's an idea for another rank though - M5 generations!

          7 months ago
      • Ok, good point and that rank would be awesome

          7 months ago
    • 2002 Turbo was not an M car

        7 months ago
      • It wasn't badged as an M car, but it was developed by their motorsports division after they did the CSL.

          7 months ago