20w ago
R​ank These Electric Hatchbacks!

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    • N​issan Leaf
    • V​olkswagen ID.3
    • V​olkswagen e-Golf
    • S​eat el-Born

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    Comments (2)

    • I've driven my neighbour's ID3, and it left me totally unimpressed. The Seat looks better, but I think all VAG products will be much alike.

      The only VAG EV that speaks to me is, strangely, the Škoda Eniaq, which is an estate/hatchback/SUV like crossover, but somehow it looks kind of right. IYKWIM...

      Let's see what the ID4 and the Seat sibling bring...

        4 months ago
    • My experiences with the ID3(literally just sightings) are very good and ive fallen for that car a bit. I hope it carries its weight well enough for VW.

        4 months ago