1y ago
Rank these Italian automotive engineers from greatest to least greatest!

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Giotto Bizzarini
    • Enzo Ferrari
    • Ettore Bugatti
    • Ferruccio Lamborghini
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    Comments (7)

    • Lol people clearly only know the people with brand names in them. I’d barely call Feruccio an engineer tbh. I recommend looking up Chiti, he basically engineered every Alfa Romeo race car from the 60s till 80s. He shouldn’t be last

        1 year ago
      • Well Lamborghini rebuilt military vehicles during WWII and designed his tractors.

          1 year ago
    • You missed the true legend: Horacio Pagani

        1 year ago
      • He is building his cars in Italy but he was born in Argentina so that’s why I didn’t include him.

          1 year ago
      • Makes sense. We’ll call him an honorary Italian. Same with Alejandro DeTomaso.

          1 year ago
    • Why does the Bugatti dude look like hitler

        1 year ago