6d ago
Rank These Lamborghini Grand Tourers

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • 350 GTV
    • 350 GT
    • 400 GT
    • Islero
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    Comments (11)

    • Lamborghini used to make such refined cars, maybe they should use some of that in their current line up...

        6 days ago
      • Yeah, their cars used to be beautiful... now they’re all sharp-edged lumps of triangles and hexagons.

          6 days ago
      • Exactly my point!

          6 days ago
    • The Jarama and 350 GTV are my favorites.

        6 days ago
    • I've only once seen a Jarama in real life. It's truly a beauty.

        2 days ago
    • I like the Espada (although that isn’t an option here)

        6 days ago
      • I like it too, but it isn't included here because it is not a predecessor/successor of any of the other cars here.

          6 days ago
      • Ah right!

          6 days ago