1y ago
Rank these mid-engined V12 Lamborghinis!

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Lamborghini Miura
    • Lamborghini Countach
    • Lamborghini Diablo
    • Lamborghini Murcielago
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    Comments (27)

    • Okay... The Diablo and the Countach is definitely underrated here...

        1 year ago
    • This is the hardest one of these rankers I've ever done.

        1 year ago
    • Polls like these are mostly about the age of the partcipants than anything else. Most people here should be around 20. That's why the car from their childhood has the best results.

        1 year ago
      • No wonder why the Murcielago is up there so high...

          1 year ago
      • I grew up with the Murcielago and when it was out I didn’t care about it and I loved the miura more. However, it is the overall goodness of the Murcielago that puts it up there

          1 year ago
    • Man the Diablo is being hammered to THE GROUND

        1 year ago
      • Yeah... So sad...

          1 year ago
      • It’s the most boring one there ever though

          1 year ago
    • 1. Diablo - it's one of the first cars that unlocked the petrolhead in me and it looks soo badass;

      2. Miura - the sexiest thing on wheels ever;

      3. Murcielago - it has certain charisma and it's the last of the "Lambonsanity Era" cars;

      4. Countach - don't hate me here, I know the importance and collectability of the Countach in the automobile world, I've tried to like it, buuut I just couldn't;

      5. Aventador - I like Aventadors, but the problem is the kind of people who drive them.

        1 year ago