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Rank these new electric hatchbacks in the order of most appealing design
Select your answers in order of preference.
    • Honda E
    • Skoda CitigoE - IV
    • Volkswagen ID.3
    • Vaxhaull Corsa E
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    Comments (17)

    • Honda E is the best!

        8 months ago
    • They are all crap

        8 months ago
    • Where’s the e208?

        7 months ago
    • Hot take: id.3 and e are both gimmicky, the vauxhall is a genuinely good looking car that doesn't rely on "LOOK AT ME I'M ELECTRIC" b.s.

        8 months ago
      • I think the E looks great. Has a retro-modern take which no other manufacturer is offering which is why i like it

        However, i also agree the Vauxhall is a genuinely good looking car

          8 months ago
    • Vauxhaull

        8 months ago